When losing your home is not an option

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If you are in foreclosure, behind on your mortgage payments, have an adjustable rate mortgage, owe more than you home is worth, we at National Mortgage Mediators can help you negotiate new terms with your lender to lower your monthly payments, fix and/or lower your interest rate, and even lower your principle balance to create a favorable financial situation for you and your family. Here at National Mortgage Mediators we have the experience and the relationships with the top national lenders to negotiate the best terms available to you.


A person is filed for bankruptcy when he is unable to pay his creditors. In this case, it could mean a home owner not being able to pay his mortgage company. A lot of people and well, clients these days are under the false impression that after they file for bankruptcy they will be completely cleared of all their debts and will be able to keep their homes. This is not the case. Many clients also feel that once they do file for bankruptcy that they immediately forfeit their homes to their lenders which is also not true. They do not realize that they are still the homeowners and are still responsible for the property. Either a loan modification or foreclosure is still required.

Loan Modification

A mortgage loan modification in general terms is any change made to the existing mortgage loan. Changes made to the mortgage interest rate, balance, term, or penalties can all be constituted as mortgage loan modifications. There are numerous kinds of mortgage loan modifications that are available here at National Mortgage Mediators for you. Our team of expert associates will be able to determine what options are available for you after going through your current mortgage loan information and financial status and then provide you with the necessary statistics and figures.

Service Members Relief Act

Customers who are in active duty may be entitled to Service Members relief. Any person who is in military service may be considered. If the mortgage loan debt originated prior to when you or your spouse went into active duty, then you are entitled to relief. Contact one of our associates for free consultation to determine if this applies to you.

Here at National Mortgage Mediators, our loss mitigation experts are available 24 hours to answer all your questions and consult with you to find the best solution for you and your family.

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